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INFJ and Journalism, and INFJ and Driving Jobs are both career guides based on my own experience as an INFJ working in each of these fields for years. Informed by MBTI theory, they're written specifically for INFJs who may be considering these career paths, or for INFJs who are searching for potential careers information.

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The vampire story is one of our oldest myths. It's been of great interest to the psychoanalytic movement. Find out what psychoanalysis and contemporary psychiatrists say about today's fascination with vampires.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Australian Jungian analyst Jacinta Frawley, and Dr. Marc Wilson, a clinical psychologist and an expert on 'evil' lecturing at Victoria University, Wellington, this essay is both an absorbing read AND a serious, well-researched look into one of humanity's most persistent obsessions.

Driving at the heart of the vampire's mystique, this essay draws upon the work of several giants of the psychoanalytic movement. These include Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Heinz Kohut, Christopher Lasch (author of 'The Culture of Narcissism'), and Anthony Stevens. Additionally, it intersects the fields of mythology and folk lore (Joseph Campbell), anthropology and sociology, as well as newer areas of study like ethology and socio-biology. Vampires Analysed also makes a valid comment on pathological narcissism. 

Whether you're looking for a valuable and original reference for your college paper, or you're simply fascinated by the fangs, Vampires Analysed is guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for a deeper understanding of what haunts our dreams and what makes us tick.

“The writing of HTR Williams is sharp, lucid and stylish. In smart, fresh language, it throws light on the page and in the reader's mind.” Penelope Todd, Rosa Mira Books.